Player Event: Ocul1sity's Talent Show

🌟Community Event Alert! 🌟

👋Hey everyone! Join us for an exciting event hosted by Ocul1sity this weekend!

🎉What: A talent competition right in our hub! Show off your skills on a Discord stage, with optional online presence in Mega. Come watch our talented community members perform, with seats available for spectators!

📅When: The event kicks off on May 18th, 3 PM EST!

📍Where: Head over to the specially built stage in the hub!

🏆Prizes: The winner gets to pick their prize server! Choose between 50k on Towny/Factions, 300k on Avatar Survival, or 500k on Slimefun Survival

Questions: Reach out to @ocul1sity on Discord for any questions or reply to this post!

✏️Host Your Own Event: Interested in hosting your own player-run event? Fill out this formTalentShowPoster11.png
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Hey! Um can I just ask how do people get into the talent show? And how exactly is this meant to work... I mean this is Minecraft...
Hi! I apologize for responding at such a late time lol. It took place on Discord where we were all on a stage call there and we called people up who wanted to. The talents can be a number of things like singing, jokes, playing an instrument, etc... so you aren't limited to just Minecraft!