Haunted House Decorating Contest!

🏚️On Saturday, October 14th, 2PM EST, we will be hosting a Haunted House Decorating Contest! 🏚️

🕷️The following themes will include: 🕷️
Most Apocalyptic Looking 🧟‍♀
Most Haunted Looking 👻
Most Abandoned Looking 🕸️

I keep hearing this rumor that there will be a maze on opening day... 👀

🪓 As always, there's rewards for showing up! There will be meet and greets, drop parties, and mini-games! 🪓

💸 Build winners will ALSO be given rewards and a chance to win a rank up book! 💸

🍂The contest will last until Sunday, October 22, 2023, 6PM EST, so you have a WEEK to decorate the best house!

🔪Attached below will be the schedule: 🔪

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