End Reset on ALL SERVERS!



Hey everyone! The time has finally come -- the end is finally being reset on ALL servers! Read on below for all the info.

Why are we making this change?

We put out a poll in ā our discord šŸ“Šā”ƒserver-pollsā  a few months ago, and the results were overwhelmingly in favor of resetting the end on Avatar Towny & Survival. We decided to extend this to Avatar Factions as well given the low player activity there (so it shouldn't disrupt many players), as well as Slimefun Survival due to a lack of a border on the end, which has caused some storage and lag issues for us.​

What about the nether?

Although users were generally in favor of resetting the nether as well, a handful of users expressed that they were upset at the thought of losing all of their work and farms. Given this, we've decided to postpone the nether reset indefinitely.​

When is this happening?

This will be happening on Sunday, May 5, 2024 10:00 AM EST to give everyone ample time to pack up any base or farms they may have in the end. We will likely stagger the reset across servers, so it might not start exactly at 10:00 AM EST, but that will be the earliest each server's end reset will start.​

Can I get a copy of my builds in the end?

Of course! We will be uploading the full maps of the end on https://maps.megacrafting.com/ which you can download and use in your own world or personal server. We've already taken a snapshot of the maps to upload, so don't worry about packing up any base or farm that you have.​
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