MegaCraft News!

iiKatie posted Jul 12, 14

Starting July 19th we will be having big surprises for you MegaCrafters! July 19th we will have a 50% SALE ONLY on that day because of the 3rd year anniversary of MegaCraft! 


Wow I can't believe we went this far together! We also have more surprises coming your way like, Prison server, Skyblock server, and a drop party!

Prison will be out July 19th for TESTING after the drop parties! It took us awhile for prison to be out but we finished and we are all excited to enjoy this wonderful server! We hope to see you on there!

We have big changes for Skyblock coming your way! We have a brand new Manager lemonguppy! Make sure to congratulate her! Also, we have a new island design that you will love! But wait there's more! New crafting recipes, nether will be introduced, quests, a new spawn, rank-ups, and more! We have been working really hard on Skyblock and will be announced in time when we are closer to be finished!

Yay drop party! July 19th we will be hosting a drop party! Starting at 6:00 PM EST.

Main Server : 6:00 PM EST.
Bending Server: 6:30 PM EST.
Faction Server: 7:00 PM EST.
Prison Server: 7:30 PM EST. TESTING
EDIT: Due to serverside complications, the prison server release will be delayed. More information is to come.

Don't miss out the fun!

Who's ready for 1.8?! Well I know I am! Get ready because every server Nether and The End will be reset COMPLETELY! Also the Faction server will have a map reset so make sure to put all your valuable items in your enderchest and inventory! 

As you guys know, ZexyZek and SGCBarbierian went on the Horde server to play our awesome Horde game and make a video out of it! ZexyZek will be uploading the video tomorrow July 13th! SGCBarbierian has uploaded the video check it out! We will keep you guys updated and get prepared for more players!

ZexyZek Video :

SGCBabierian Video :

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