Server news!
-Easter Sale-
Mega Craft will be having an Easter sale! This sale will be from 4/18/14 to 4/21/14. The sale will be 20% off everything in the store!
(PSST! Hippie's birthday is the 20th! Don't forget to wish him a happy birthday, because he deserves it ;))

Recently, Mega Craft has released our new voting system. "How does it work?" You ask? Well, i'll tell you! First make sure you have your enjin account synced with your Minecraft Charector. You can do so Here. Then, after you have synced your in game charecter with our website, you can vote! To vote, go Here. After you voted on all five, you will get rewarded a point. There is a shop underneath the voting section where you will be able to spend your points. You select the server you want the prizes on, hit buy, and bam! You have your prizes. (You can also vote and claim rewards offline and log in to recieve)
There are also more prizes to come.

-Prison & Infected-
We have new managers for both servers. The manager of infected is now dniym and the manager of prison is ubystylos. We need your opinions with the infected server. We have been talking to the plugin dev about the guns in classes and he is fixing them, but we want to know what you prefer.

Razuler Congratulations ubystylos and dniym!
Captain Pikachu Good luck and grats dniym!
leeor111 We'll congrats from you're friend leeor111 hugsss and kisessss