February News

нαzαɾdlєѕѕ posted Feb 25, 15

Many of you may recognize me, and some of you might not. Here's a hint: I joined Megacraft on May 29th, 2012! Got it? If not, my name rhymes with Matterpress. If you guessed Hazardless, then you are in fact correct! I bought my Minecraft account on August 28, 2011, and have been hooked every since! Building, fighting, exploring, I love every aspect of this game. I was the second ever donator to Megacraft, and am a retired staff member. I have co-owned alongside HippieBeak, managed most of the servers, and have administrated all. To know me more on a more personal basis, I am an aspiring GFX artist, and I hope on my new journey of Webmaster that my skills may develop tremendously! 

As of 2/25/2015, we have raised a collective total of $183 to help fund Owner HippieBeak's trip to the Dominican Republic. Overall, he is around $250 short from the trip. It would be extremely appreciated if anyone would be willing to donate any amount up to this coming Monday, 3/1/15. If the goal is reached, a small celebration will be held for those who helped contribute.

To donate, simply click on the "donate" tab in the middle of the server website.

Next, choose the "Dominican Republic" category on the bottom left.

Once you've completed these steps, just simply enter your Minecraft username inside the box. Then, a new screen will pop up. Select "Buy" to view the screen that will have more information on what HippieBeak and his school is doing. Next, click "Add to cart" and from then on all you are required to do is enter the amount and click continue.

Once again, a big thank you to each and every one of you who have helped or are planning on helping HippieBeak. 

In an unfortunate twist of luck, the Creative server has experienced some plugin difficulties. Because of this, there is no set date for it's arrival. But don't worry! We are working on it to the best of our ability, and will try our hardest to relese it to the public as soon as possible!

Some of you may have noticed the constant crashing that the avatar server has been experiencing. We are extremely sorry for this, and are currently trying to find a way around this problem. On a more lighter note, expect to see incinerate and charged fireblast back working soon!


That's right! You heard it here first! We are currently discussing plans for a website makeover. But before anything, we want to know your guy's opinions! In the comment section below, leave a few sentences saying why you think it's a good idea or not. Maybe even add how you would personally change things!

See you ingame!

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