Server Updates

HippieBeak posted Aug 2, 15

Hello, fellow MegaCrafters!

I am writing to let you all know that due to popular demand, the Bending server ( will be converting the current modified Factions system to the old Factions system (the one currently installed on the Factions server, This means that there will be no cost to claim or un-claim land, land can be claimed in the end and nether, and containers can be placed anywhere (as opposed to only in claimed territory). This will all go into effect Sunday, August 9, in order to allow all current factions time to adjust to the new system. 

Along with this, I am pleased to announce that our newest developer, chandlerpl, has been working hard on the bending plugin, meaning new moves and elements should be introduced soon! Perhaps in the future, you will even be able to design your own custom moves that no one else can obtain!

Lastly, I am pleased to announce that both the Creative and Prison servers have been released. Please be aware that the Prison server is currently in beta, meaning that there are many bugs, and data is subject to reset. If I were you, I’d also be on the lookout for some special YouTube guests on these servers in the near future!


meetmysword Yesssssssss
Red_Merc custom moves rock best thing ever
mac0502 Still waiting for my custom move...