December 2017 Updates

HippieBeak posted Dec 26, 17

Greetings all Mega Craft members,

A new year is approaching us swiftly and with it comes lots of goodies! To kick off the celebration, all players (within reason) that are currently banned will be unbanned upon creating a ban appeal. This is only valid until January 3rd!

On December 30th we will be having the usual Battle of the Bends (make sure to sign up in game with /b botb), along with drop parties on Skyblock, Bending, and Main. Each drop party is a chance to take home one of the coveted rank up books! Times for the drop parties are listed at the end of this post.

Additionally, Mega Craft has come out with a brand new minigame coded by like_a_pig! The game, called Build It, is a game similar to charades except instead of acting out the word, one player builds it while the other players have to guess what it is. This minigame is hosted on the Creative Server, and can be accessed in game with the /b command. Furthermore, there is an in-game shop, where you can unlock different perks and cosmetics using coins you earn from playing the game! Go check it out! A Build-It competition will also be hosted on the same day as all the other events. The winner will also receive a rank up book!

New spawns will also be released for this big day. One of them (avatar) is already released. Go check it out! It's hiding a few secrets... Skyblock's spawn will also be getting a make over and with it Skyblock will FINALLY be getting more challenges for you all to complete and the introduction and first chapter
of the Skyblock story (written by keys9 and coded by like_a_pig).

I'm sure most of you noticed our fun new gun minigame featured in the hub. It's a fun minigame but soon it will be the basis of a brand new secret game that dniym has been tirelessly working on for the past few weeks.

And finally, sales are returning to the Mega Craft store. Everything is 30% off so if you don't win one of those books, you can still grab a quick rank up for a cheap price! Furthermore, the seasonal rank snowman is available on the Mega Craft store -- get it while you can! The sale is live now and will continue until January 3rd at 11:59pm EST. 

The times for all these events are listed below:

Skyblock Drop Party - 5:00 pm EST (a rank-up book will be dropped!)

Main Drop Party - 5:30 pm EST (a rank-up book will be dropped!)

Bending Drop Party - 6:00 pm EST (a rank-up book will be dropped!)

Build-It Competition (on creative) - 6:30 pm EST (winner gets a rank-up book!)

Battle of the Bends - 7:00 pm EST (must sign up prior to event with /b botb)