Ready for Beta!

Sys_Admin tech posted Apr 13, 17


A Maze Runner Server

I don't know if you know, but there is a new server portal in the hub!

This new server will be open to beta testing March 25th at 3pm EST.  If you're not there, then you are most assuredly square!  We have put many hours of work into making sure this new server is the bestest of the best it can be; and I'm sure you are asking yourself: "I say, how do I get access to this most brilliant and fantabulous endeavor?"  Well, to answer your question, go to the donation page and buy yourself a Beta Key!  Without the key, the threatening, albeit handsome, Beta-Bouncer will bounce you right back to the hub!  Beta Keys are $5, but Staff and Wither get access to beta testing for FREE!

This new server as of now is called "Cryptica," although, the name is being voted on after it's release into beta.  So it's gonna' change.

Something I think is awesome, is the weather for this particular server.  Here, it will literally rain cats and dogs on occasion!  Or acid...  which isn't as cute and fluffy.  There are rains, and storms.  Rains are good things, but storms are bad.  An exception to this, is the "ALPACALYPSE." it is a thing all it's own. 

Another thing that has already changed on it is Factions.  Tired of it's sh-------crap we decided to pitch it and start from scratch!  So, our friendly-neighborhood coder dNiym coded us a brand-new plugin called: Tribes.  

Tribes is very different from factions, and a lot more customizable for you guys.  However, in order to create the tribe you have to have a co-founder of it.  The co-founder is the first person you invite to your tribe.  You can choose your tribes name, the tag your members will have in chat, your motd, your desc, you can even choose what portions of land certain people can access.  You can lock chests, or make them public.  Another fancy thing is the ability to hover over a tribe members tag and see all of the information for their tribe!  (HOW NEAT IT THAT?!)  And because we care about you, and your fingers, we also added something that allowes you to simply click [ACCEPT] or [DENY] for invites, and so much more!

Although, all these fancy perks do have a downside.  The world you and your tribe are living in is hostile, and infinite.  It's never ending maze that not only changes over time, but is filled with horrid monsters.  These monsters will drop some amazing things, though, at night.  

"If the world is a giant maze, where do we get all of our resources?" you might ask.  Well, spawning randomly in the maze are "Grottos."  Grottos contain the basics you need to survive, as well as special material for each type of grotto.  Most contain coal, iron, and gold.  All of them, though, contain wood, grass, trees, and water.  There are also loot chests that spawn at random in the maze.  

If you want to learn more, which I am sure you do, read dNiym's post on forums about his amazing achievements!  

Check it out here! -